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WiFi Wake on LAN?


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yes i belive that intel 3945's and later someone correct me if im missing any adapters. you need to enable the wake on lan feature in the system bios, then in windows you can go into the wireless adapter configuration settings under the advanced tab and enable the box that says "allow this device to wake the computer" but this may cause the computer to occasionally wakeup to refresh its network state. but to answer your question yes.

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this is not possible because for wifi to work you need software running on your computer for it to use wifi. and then also if the computer is off how will it know what access point to connect to. and also if you look at the osi model which was in episode 406 when you use the rj45 you only use layers 1 and 2 and maybe 3 but when you use wifi you are using the application layer which is the highest of all and need a running os for. so basically you only can do it with the rj45 and not wifi

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Well if you look on the page of that board vector mentioned ( http://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/...less_mobile.htm ) it does support WOL. I am assuming it keeps a small bit of power to said board and it just sits there waiting for a the magic signal.

Here is an intel tech brief document that describes it:


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