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OS X Tiger (10.4.11) Terminal Help: Burn Multi-session CD-R From Command Line?


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I originally planned on coming home today from the library (downloading large files, i.e. linux distros, over iPhone EDGE =/= fun) and setting up a dual-boot on my MacBook running OS X 10.4.11 with Gentoo. I'm a novice with OS X and Unix, let alone Linux, so this is already a learning process. Anyway, I initially thought I'd use an entire CD-R to simply burn the Gentoo .iso, but my ADD kicked in and I decided to burn a DSL live disk first. I didn't want to waste an entire CD-R on a mere 50MB .iso, so I thought it'd be nice to essentially partition the CD to be bootable, while utilizing the remainder of the disk as a separate partition that I could subsequently mount with DSL after it's loaded onto whatever system I use it on. While my first instinct was to use the DiskUtility GUI in OS X, I decided now would be a great time to learn to burn CDs from the command line.

Anyway, while I've found sufficient information (google & man pages, FTW!) to simply burn a directory or a single .iso to disk via Terminal.app, I've yet to find a way to burn a bootable, multi-session CD-R from the Command Line.

A.) Is a bootable, multi-session disk even achievable? Would the bootable partition be automatically detected at boot?

B.) How is this task carried out via the Command Line?

A Mac forum would likely be the ideal place for this, but the Hak5 community came to mind first. You lucky dogs... ;)



One of the last google links I tabbed to: http://homepage.mac.com/machiavel/Text/cdr...lti-session_CDs

Downloading Fink now @ a mind-numbing 23KB/sec. Will try to get this cdrecord and see what happens...

Edit 2:

Aww, ffs. Download wouldn't complete. Something with this PDANet.app on the iPhone that allows the tethered internet connection to become disrupted or otherwise completely disconnected. Guess I'll be trying at least the cdrecord option when I've got a more reliable connection...

Edit 3:

lol, Fink just seems to be a package manager /facepalm. Found the cdrecord suite elsewhere. Small file, downloading...

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