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New Wifi hack???


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Ok everyone, i have a question ?? This weekend i was reading a few different security forums, and apperantly there is some new tcp/ip overflow attack that targets wireless networks. One of the articles i read said that it wasnt going to be released until the convention at the end of the month. Does anyone or has anyone heard what or how this hack works, i know it targets the tcp/ip stack but exactly how is it exploited?? also according to the articles, it causes a DOS that keeps the computer from accessing the net even after the attack is over. it stays this way until the computer and network have been rebooted. Any info on this topic or related links are greatly appreciated!

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I heard of that earlier this year.. I believe its only against wireless cards but im not to sure, dont really want to read about. Its not the card itself but the drivers.. I know there is a Intel DOS like this in the wild.

Im auctually working on a remote exploit of NIC atm but im no where near finished.

When i get a few mins ill see if i can find the intel attack and post some links


Here are the links. Still didnt read the original post.





These are all fairly similar to what i am planning but im focusing on wired nics.

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So after re reading the articles. It's not against wireless, its against the tcp/ip stack. Through any type of net connection!! just curios if anyone has any more info on this stack overflow,?,? i know that there probably wont be that much more info than what i have already until it is released at the convention in a few weeks, but i figured someone out there probably has a foot in the door somewhere and could elaborate a little more???

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