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  1. I followed Darren's Bunny Primer youtube video and used the bashbunny updater to go from 1.0-1.3. In the video it says that all you'll need to do to update the payloads in the future is to run the bunnyupdater, so figured i must be all ready to go. Not so. Currently the payloads don't update (or didn't for me) and I was left with all the old payloads which took me a couple of hours to realise why my QuickCreds had stopped working. I manually downloaded all payloads from github, deleted docs, lang and payloads directories and copied over the new ones and all was good. Am guessing the bunnyupd
  2. I have had my mark iv for over a year now and am just getting back into it. I have reflashed the firmware to 2.8.1 but I am still seeing the same issue when installing infusions. Some appear to install ok, but if I take the deauth for example, its name is missing when it shows what infusions are installed. The link to pin it to the navbar does nothing as it doesn't have a name in the first place. Does this infusion have a problem? Secondly, if i select any infusion to be remove, they are all removed. I have tried this initially using USB storage, but even if i choose internal storage i g
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