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  1. @Foxtrot BTW, sometimes when I use the Recon tool the service pineapple stops, I had to do a service pineapple restart, this because the portal not responds any clic, so the web server goes down sometimes when the Recon tool is working... I don't know what to do, I can't work well having this issues, my pineapple is so buggy :(
  2. Hi @Foxtrot thanks for the reply, I tried first with Evil Portal, but it happens with any module. Regards!
  3. Hi, after I install any module I have a problem with the UI, the module section doesn't show the information of the installed modules ( as you can see the attached screenshot just shows Version and Author words ) and I can't access the area of modules to install. I use Brave browser, but same happens with Firefox. Same happens with light theme. On the screenshot you can see the web-page errors that shows when I select the Modules section: I hope someone can help me with this. Regards!
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