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  1. Hey chrizree, I appreciate it that you took the time to reply to my threat, I really do. What I do not appreciate is how poor and miserable the author of this product is. And also the administrator of this forum which I believe is the same guy who managed this product. Now, how is it possible that it deprives users of being able to continue commenting on the forum? I tried to reply to my own threat in this junky forum just to findout that I was out for the rest of the day!!! ..are you kidding me? ..nah! dude, am out of this places. I will get out of this miserable forum in this instant, and I'll suggest everyone to do the same. BTW, I was able to solve the problem by myself. I made a tool in C++ to handle all my text content and then automatically turn it into inject.bin. Like I said in my first post, am new to this tool, that is why I was asking. but I learn fast. I find it pathetic that the creator of this tool, instead of putting some good and clear instructions on the product he sells, he talks about his life in the little manual that the product brings. No wonder his videos on youtube do not have many views. I can clearly see that this guy's purpose is greed nothing else. I believe that everyone who has made an account on this forum had paid for the tool that he promote. If that is the case he should offer better tech support, not a poor and miserable forum like this. I came to this forum to learn something, and I leave with a bad image and a bad impression of the author of this tool. Ah! and by the way, I was only joking when I said that I wanted to be a master like you to help others here. I don't even have time for myself, much less for a crappy forum like this. Soon I will make a video about this and I will post it on my youtube channel. Thank you for nothing
  2. Hello again Chrizree, The first 3 or 4 characters are okay, but then they change to random, and then they stop at 15 characters. As for spamming, no, it is not spamming what am doing is updating the bios on many computers that we have. after updating the bios, we have to manually updates some fields in the bios. like product name, and so on.
  3. Hello Chrizree, thank you for your comment. and yes, it is a keyboard language US, and the process takes place in the bios. The reason I do this is because I do it very often and the data I have to enter is quite long. As I mentioned in my first post, I wanted to use the Ducky with Command prompt, Terminal, and at boot time, I mean, in the bios. and it does work so far, but once in the bios menu where I have to enter the long info, I insert the Ducky and wait.. I left a delay of 500. Then the keystroke takes place, but the first issue is that it only send 15 characters out 59. The second issue is that the letters and numbers get scramble or they get generated randomly. I wonder what could this be. I checked and made sure that keys such as [Num Lock] [Scroll Lock] or [Caps Lock] are not pressed down. This is the only inconvenience that I am having. out than that I love the Ducky so far. Plese help me Chrizree, Thanks again. ( I will help others in this forum when I become a Master like you.) :-)
  4. The answer is YES, I was able to do it. But there is a problem. The string send by the Ducky is totally different. Why? ..and what could be the problem? ..For example, I created a payload to send the following string: 3X376J6S6b7B7M7R7U7W7m7aEaaqauawbUbhcAdUdpdqgdhKhkjh.fA ...but the Ducky sent only 15 characters and all random, some of my letters and numbers were changed by the Ducky. How could I make it send the exact string above? Thanks
  5. Hello Guilherme, I did received mine today as well. However mine worked fine. I had the feeling that it was not going to do anything, but it did lighted up with a green led. A quick tip, do not use the SD card reader that comes with the Ducky. instead use another one. Mine SD card came blank, with no inject.bin. so I created one, the hello world to be exact, and then loaded it to the SD card and popped to to Ducky and it did worked just fine. I am totally new to the Ducky, so as long as I achieve what I'm trying to accomplish, I will give the Ducky 10 stars. 😊 NOTE: If you plug just the Ducky USB to the computer, you won't hear anything, nor the computer will detect anything.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently bought the USB Rubber Ducky with the hope of using it with Command prompt on Windows or Terminal on Mac. I'm tired of typing the same commands over and over again. So I was wondering if there is a payload that can use and edit it so I can send keystrokes to the mentioned above. I have been using Arduino, but it does not work when ever I work with command promp at boot time. or when I try to send the keystrokes to a textfield at Windows boot time. I was wondering if the Ducky can? #include <Keyboard.h> int count = 0; void setup() { } void loop() { Keyboard.print("wbVbhcAd6dUdXdpdqfPhKjhkx"); delay(10000); } The Arduino code above is a set of commands that I've inserting into computer bios info, but it doesn't work. maybe because of the drivers and controls. but I heard that the Ducky does not required any of that. I will appreciate it is I can get a hint, advice, suggestion, etc. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jerk
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