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  1. Are you kidding me??? Talk about "creative" when you can't even think of ONE of the several 'legitimate' uses for this. It is no different than any OTHER USB Hack that I have seen on Hak5... They're all for recording or documenting or for security/monitoring... The same goes for this. Perfect example... "What has my typed on AIM today?"
  2. USB WireTap is in working condition: hxxp: www. mediafire. com/?5guwrjztx1z -Be sure to look over the ReadMe. ~Created by FlashGuy & Davidork USB Flashblade is still in BETA. Has a few kinks to work out: hxxp: www. mediafire. com/?8btyzdejtpt -Problems getting the incorporated USB HackSaw working -Problems with the cache. exe [Cache Passoword App] -Unsure of FireFox password catcher ~Created by FlashGuy
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