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  1. Az was right, it may be that the folder where the file should be found is hidden. Ift thats the case do the following: open up any folder-> select tools from the top menu-> select folder options-> select the view tab-> scroll down until you see a check box to hide selected folders, you can now check and uncheck this as you please to hide or unhide folders and files. The easiest way to find the file is written in the howto: "right click the green onion in your tray and choose settings, got to the advanced tab and locate your TOR configuration file" Hope i could help.
  2. Well it took me some time to get pandora working again after they blocked all international listeners and get over my lazyness and try this awesome Pandoras Jar application i heard of. So today i finally decided to give it a try, and guess what, i managed it to work after just a few tries. So for this great service i got, i decided to give something back and try to write a little guide "How to get Pandoras Jar working in your country". I hope i get this done properly cause english is not my native language, but i will try my best. So here we go. Step 1 Download and install the TOR netw
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