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  1. do it for me please, use the original in my post, one reason is, im lazy and the second reason is, i have no idea how to do it!
  2. you are the reason we still have safety labels :P
  3. yeah or windows 3.1 them, now that would be a killer EDIT: 2nd page, i feel we have ownt this thread now :P
  4. i feel this post is more spam than anything, so if i talk about IP's i may get away with it. about the worst you could do with an IP is, take it to dnsstuff and find what their currency is :P
  5. or we will chase you with large pointy sticks *threatens*
  6. tough choice, im up for a laugh, sarcastic plzlthx
  7. i have your eyepee i will hack your anus and make it bleed
  8. old image, need to get a new one taken, got my hair cut and the blonde is gone and i got my ear peirced and i look damn sexy! hehe
  9. IT'S UP OMG IT'S UP, 24 god damn long hours! time to run amok again! hehe
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