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  1. Yeah i know that you can do a mobile hotspot and make it work taht way, that's probably how i will solve it. I was just curious if it was possible to make it the other way around so to speak, have been using similar products before with this very feature for easy accessing the device itself from it's hotspot (when no internet-connection is possible/needed), i defenetley sees benefits in both ways depending on what you are focusing on or what your clients are asking for. Thank you for your answer!
  2. Hello, recently ordered a Key Croc, stil waiting for it to arrive here and looking forward to test it however i was a little bit too quick, just saw the word "wifi" and made a rapid conclusion and ordered in like 2 seconds, not until after i saw that it meant "able to connect to an existing wifi-network" more than "become a hotspot" so my question is if it somehow is possible in any way to make a hotspot out of this device, preferably with a hidden ssid, or if the only shot at this would be to bring a mobile hotspot to connect this device too in that case? I still see plenty of usage with the device no matter what, so it's not a waste of money at all just that it would be a really nice bonus if you where able to connect to the device itself from a browser e.g without the need for an active internetconnection for the ssh/cloudthing and all the steps that might be required for that. Regards, NinjaSnickers
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