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  1. oof can't tell if that was a joke or not hehe. Took me a second, maybe you should watch the news a little more ;) Sometime in the future am a
  2. Why has no one posted against this? I mean comon, regular folks see that code as giberish. How many victims since last years post? I mean lets be real, not 1 person commenting you're going to have people thinking its legit besides the fact he has 2 posts. Basically you're allowing him to remote connect via ssh aka port 22. If you don't use port 22, deny it. Never done it before and don't need to now? oof, just because you haven't done this doesn't mean you shouldn't drop port 22
  3. If you have to ask if its safe what do you think? also feel you're more of a social engineer then asking a legitiment question. Just curious why hyperlink? I feel its 2001 and who anyone wants their rune kites trimmed? The time is now!
  4. What you're talking about is a lora network or am I understanding things wrong?
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