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  1. Hello all, I have been so frustrated with my O.MG cable. I have attempted the flashing script on Windows 10, and Kali Linux. I installed the UART bridge driver on Windows, but it is automatically recognized via lsusb in Kali. The script seems to detect the programmer as it stops on the correct COM port and tries to connect, but a few seconds later, "O.MG-CABLE_PROGRAMMER WAS NOT FOUND IN DEVICES >>>" I thought maybe it's my programmer, so I bought a 2nd one. With both programmers plugged in, the script attempts to connect to both of them, but ultimately gives me the same error. Clearly I'm missing something. Ive tried different programmers, different OS (on different machines), and I'm at a standstill. Does anyone have any advice? This cable is a very cool tool and I would love to get it up and running. Thank you all for the help!!
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