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  1. Wow, thank you SO so much! I have been banging my head against the wall for hours trying to figure this out. You are correct, it was a DNS issue. The IP on my local PiHole DNS server recently changed, and my router defaulted the Pineapple to the old IP. I really appreciate your help! I can't wait to start toying around with the modules now. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, so I just got my WiFi Pineapple yesterday, and unfortunately have been having some major issues with it. I am having a 'Time Misconfiguration' issue, that is not being fixed, despite syncing to the browser time. I also cannot receive any of the modules or news from the Pineapple web UI. It is connected to my WiFi, and the pineapple can ping my router, as well as Google's IP, with no packet loss. When I run the date command in the terminal I can see that the pineapple's system's time is still based on GMT, despite trying to set it for Mountain Time (since there is no option for Arizona timezone). I can also connect to the Management Access Point, and access the internet through that. However, the web UI still cannot connect to the news, or modules. I honestly thought this was supposed to be an easy plug-and-play style device, not one that would require 8+ hours and 2 days of frustration. I'm hoping to get this resolved or else the device is totally useless, and will be returned. Thanks!
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