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  1. and it try to connect without success and I have this error every times it try : Metasploit Framework Exception : Login Failed So I think I had configure a password and I didn't remember it^^ That's why I wanted tochange it in metasploit/database.yml but that's not working... thanks for your help
  2. yes I start postgresql without problem and I've already try commands wich are written I think I can't access the database because of the login because if I start MSGRP before armitage with these commands "msfrpcd -U msf -P test -f -S -a" and after I try to open armitage I have this error :
  3. Hi all I'm using parrot os and I want to use armitage GUI but all the time I want to connect to it I have a failed message : FAILED TO CONNECT TO THE DATABASE / FATAL : password authentification failed I've tried to connect with msf/test without result and when I change password in database.yml in metasploit and I try to connect I have the same issue. Is there a solution to change connection user/pass or reinstall it, I don't know... If someone can help me it could be great. Really thanks Here is an image of the error : Really thanks for your help
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