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  1. Yes have tried that also. just seems the thing is a brick! the one time i did get the setup t complete, when i rebooted i could see my 2 ssid's but it would not connect to them
  2. must add ive tired the setup linked to wifi on my pc, and also on my mobile. same issue
  3. yes. seems like a common problem
  4. I install the firmware, then it load to the setup page, i enter all the info and most of the time it errors setup failed. i keep restarting and trying again and i did get it to accept. then once rebooted i can see the management ssid i created, but when i connect to that i cannot see the pineapple login screen
  5. Hi all. Im having trouble setting up. It won't complete the setup stages, keeps hanging and dropping wifi. I've followed all the tips online, I've done a factory image reset, then installed the latest firmware image tried many different usb power adapters, also using a 2.4amp power supply, so it's not a low power issue. Tried setting up without WiFi and a direct network connection but still issues. It wil not complete setup stages, it ask for magement ssid etc, and i input al of this but then hangs. Tried resetting many times
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