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  1. Anything in the audit or server errors logs? I had a bad Key croc that was giving me a ton of "Internal error: bucket not found" errors. All my other devices were working fine. You can also set the DEBUG ON in the config.txt file. That helped me figure out why my Screen crab was not connecting to my C2
  2. I did hit the "wait" button a few times but it never seem to help, maybe 5 min? I was able to login to the server from another laptop and quickly select the trash can icon and hit delete, that worked.
  3. Hello My Cloud C2 hangs when I open (view) the Audit logs in the Cloud C2 interface. Any way to delete the audit log outside of the C2 gui? The server logs open with no issue.
  4. Both Key Croc's were plugged in at the same time Under KC2 (Key Croc 2) the loot never shows up, it is there when I switch to arming mode and/or when I SSH in. Loot is collected correctly. KC2 does seem to run slower in general. KC1 and KC2 do have different device.config files downloaded from each created device. I'm at the point now where I'm looking to return my 2nd key croc. I have about 3 email into Hak5 but no responses yet.
  5. 2021-04-09 12:22:16 Internal error: bucket not found 2021-04-09 12:22:06 Internal error: bucket not found 2021-04-09 12:21:55 Internal error: bucket not found 2021-04-09 12:21:45 Internal error: bucket not found 2021-04-09 12:21:37 Device 'KC2' has started up These errors are from the Server log,
  6. Hello I am running two key croc's in Cloud C2. My original Key croc #1 is working just fine. Later today I added a 2nd Key croc to my C2 cloud and the "up time" will increment a few seconds then stop, I also can not see any files under "view loot" on Key croc #2 from the C2 interface. They are there when I go into USB mode, and navigate to the loot folder. When I set up #2 I created (added) a new device to C2, gave it a different Device name and device description clicked save. Then clicked on setup, downloaded the device config file and copied that to the new Key croc. The
  7. Yes, Hak5 any update would be great. I'm holding off buying one until I know how it will integrate. Will the ac module work for all three radios or just one? Also will the module fit inside the case? I read it will connect to the USB port
  8. Same question ^^ I want to run Cloud C2 on an isolated network but get a license validation failed (when on my private home network) it all works well online.
  9. ok, I got it running. It did need access to the internet. How can I run the Cloud C2 server as a standalone server (no internet access)?
  10. Are you able to interact (pull / copy loot off of the crab) without the Cloud C2 setup? meaning can you just get the crab connected to a isolated network and then SSH (or other?) to pull files?
  11. Thank you chrizree. any idea if it will continue to need internet access or is it just a one time thing (lic lookup / confirm)? Also do you know if I absolute need Cloud C2 to collect information from my devices (screen crab, and others)
  12. I have the same issue. I’m installing on a Raspberry Pi 4 (armv7) token and lic are correct. I’m on a stand-alone network only two machines on it. The pi and my laptop. gets me to the pi but I just can’t get past the setup page. I click on the save button and it sits and thinks for 10 seconds that throws the “Error undefined”
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