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  1. I am also new, I have seen on previous versos a lot more selection of tools and exploits, i would of amused the 7 would of had all the tools form previous version to make the tool the best it can be from previous versions. And how do you install extra modules that are not in the list i seen a few on other videos and cant find a repository for them ? i got a copy of the older field guide and its vage on things 😞 Cheers, Mick
  2. how did you guys / Girls learn more about the device ? did you have some doco on it or did you figure it you for your self's ? curious as i want to get some basic understanding of this device. i have been tinkering with it....
  3. Hi All, I am new to using this device, I have the field guide but it dose not cover much does anyone have any doco on how to play around with this device :) Also has anyone had any experience with trying to Jam a drone, as someone in my area thinks its funny to fly it low over the house and i was wondering if it might be possible to see if i could make it return home by jamming its signal like when you try to exploit / pen test a Wireless AP. Thanks again, Bushranger ........
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