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  1. Thank you Foxtrot! đź‘Ť This is what I was looking for. Now I automatized the process and everything seems to work smoothly.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Mental. Before I used the next approach: Recon scan for 5 minutes. Start WPA handshake capture. And after a few hours, MK7 stops to capture, and PineAP shows as disabled. Now I tried next: Recon scan set on Continuous Start WPA handshake capture This time, it did not reset capture for almost all day. BUT. I think it anyway didn't capture anything—only one handshake at the start of one of my lab routers. It's a bit disappointing.
  3. Still didn't figure out how to make the process faster. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi people! I'm not entirely familiar with this kind of device, and I'll be much appreciated if someone can help me out. I started to write a module and encountered the next issue. I need to restart the device every time I install pkg or update my module files to see my changes. I'm talking right now more about Python files. I thought that there might be .pyc file somewhere that I need to delete, but I didn't found any. What I'm doing wrong? Or restarting device is the only way? If so, it's really slowing down the process.
  5. Hi guys! I recently bought Pineapple Mark 7 and run into some issues like many of you on this forum, hope I won't double any topic that already raised. So, I expected to capture handshakes through the day with pineapple but was surprised that handshake capture works only for some short amount of time. 1-2 hours. Then PineAp turns off, and I need: Manually turn PineAp ON - Save Start capture handshake I need to repeat this process again and again. Is it standard behaviour for Pineapple? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.
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