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  1. Oh, any why are so few clients found? is that a bug? Most SSIDs have no clients associated with them.
  2. I'm having real problems with the Pinapple Mk7. I'm running on this version. 1) Is there any documentation on this product? I can't find anything beyond a basic setup guide. Is there a guide that tells you what each feature does and how to use it? 2) Recon doesn't work well at all. -- A 30 second scan seems to work pretty reliably, but running a continuous scan... not so much. The scan seems to stop randomly. The "Settings" panel will say that it's still scanning, but updates stop happening (no client updates, no new clients found). -- Handshake Capture seems sketchy AF. Very unclear on what is being listened for? When you click to enable handshake capture, what is the scope of that capture? (everything? Just the SSID you selected? All SSIDs on the same channel? Who knows.) -- does client deauth work? I don't know. Maybe? I try to deauth my device, and the device seems to get kicked off the network (when I look at the device, I see it loses wifi momentarily), but VERY RARELY will I capture any handshakes from this. I might never have. I don't know. The whole thing is an enigma. I have many other questions that are difficult/impossible to get answers for. The (scant) documentation has no details. The forum here has no useful, detailed information. What is the pineapple's open SSID for? What do I use it for? What's a campaign for? What is the workflow? Why do clients that are clearly on a network show up in unassociated list? Some documentation would be very helpful. Is it just me having these problems? I feel like I'm losing my mind.
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