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  1. Hi, I recently got the pineapple Wifi MkVII When I plug it in to my PC, everything works as it should; I connect to When I try connecting to my home wifi for the frimware update, it says it can't connect. I tried sharing connection from my phone but that didn't work either. So I tried to manually upload the file (I checked the checksum beforehand) but at first it said wrong checksum. I uploaded it again and it said: fork/exec /usr/bin/splitweb: cannot allocate memory I've tried recovering the frimware but no luck either; same thing happens. Hi Darren! How is it going? What I did was the following: 1) Tried to connect to my home wifi 2) Pineapple gave me an error stating it couldn't connect (even though password was definitely correct) 3) Tried to connect to my mobile phone hotspot 4) Same error 5) Switched to manual file upload 6) Downloaded latest stable version, checked checksum 7) Uploaded it to pineapple 😎 "Error: incorrect checksum" 9) Reuploaded the same file 10) fork/exec /usr/bin/splitweb: cannot allocate memory Please help me out. Their support hasn't answered my tickets for over a month.
  2. Im trying to setup my pineapple but I get that error?
  3. Hey! Im having a little trouble setting up my Pineapple. I was booting it up, and everything good. I connected, I accessed the IP given on the box and I had to options: tap on reset or hold to keep AP. I accidentally tapped the button instead of holding and the wifi network disappeared. (Im supplying the power for my pineapple through my S20). So now, I can't access it. I decided to reset it to factory settings, but holding the reset button for 7 seconds doesnt do anything!
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