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  1. Hi, I recently got the pineapple Wifi MkVII When I plug it in to my PC, everything works as it should; I connect to When I try connecting to my home wifi for the frimware update, it says it can't connect. I tried sharing connection from my phone but that didn't work either. So I tried to manually upload the file (I checked the checksum beforehand) but at first it said wrong checksum. I uploaded it again and it said: fork/exec /usr/bin/splitweb: cannot allocate memory I've tried recovering the frimware but no luck either; same thing happens. Hi Da
  2. Im trying to setup my pineapple but I get that error?
  3. Hey! Im having a little trouble setting up my Pineapple. I was booting it up, and everything good. I connected, I accessed the IP given on the box and I had to options: tap on reset or hold to keep AP. I accidentally tapped the button instead of holding and the wifi network disappeared. (Im supplying the power for my pineapple through my S20). So now, I can't access it. I decided to reset it to factory settings, but holding the reset button for 7 seconds doesnt do anything!
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