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  1. So for me when I went to change the url in the network_helpers.py file and found the url was not what was listed above as "example.com". I found it pointing to "https://downloads.hak5.org/internet". I changed that line to "https://www.google.com" and this did not fix the issue for me. I then decided to try it without ssl and changed the url to "http://www.google.com" and still it did not work. I noticed in the network_helpers.py script there was a test for if the url had https in it so i figured maybe ssl was the issue. But after that i found a fix that worked to let me install all the dependencies. I went into each modules folder from the console and manually ran each module.py script for each module i was currently installing the dependencies for. This allowed the install them and I could watch it all print to the console. After this I would have to restart the pineapple for all the sockets to be open again and then everything worked fine. I did continue to see the time misconfiguration errors. But now a day later that error seems to not be happening anymore as I have not seen that message in the top right once after hours of messing with it.
  2. Hi, So I recently got a Pineapple Mk VII and the setup went pretty smooth up until i tried to install some dependencies for the modules MDK4, Evil Portal, and NMap. So for some background I am running on Beta version 1.0.2 (beta.2020111816551). I have the same issues using the stable 1.0.1. I have the Pineapple setup in wireless client mode. I have an active internet connection from my home router over wifi using WPA2-PSK. I can ping "google.com" "example.com" and "downoads.hak5.org" with no issues from the console so im not sure its DNS related. I can get the news and download the modules fine but when the alert shows up telling me I need to install dependencies for Evil Portal and I click install I get an error message stating "Could not connect to internet.Could not connect to internet.Could not connect to internet.Could not connect to internet.Could not connect to internet.Could not connect to internet." This is the same with MDK4 and NMap with the error message "Could not connect to internet." I also keep getting a time misconfiguration warning in the top right. I'm also getting notifications saying "could not connect to internet" from MDK4 and NMAP. I'm assuming this is my issue. I read thru the other suggested fixes and I ran the command "opkg update" with no errors. But I cannot seem to find the ntp daemon to restart it. It is not listed under /etc/init.d/ like the suggestion says. I have tried clicking the sync browser time button and I get the green check mark next to "User Management & Time" but the install still fails. Here is the Evil Portal log. https://pastebin.com/hZa7msCD . At this point I cannot find any more documentation on my issue and everything links me back to this thread. So I am going to post it here and hopefully someone has some advice. I see others had very similar issues using older versions of the firmware, and they seemed to somehow resolve them but none of the suggestions work for me or I'm not doing something right.
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