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  1. Hey chrizree, thanks a lot! That's the kind of test I was hoping for (although I didn't hope that would be the result 🙂 ) Will buy a bunny as soon as the shop lets me (only the kit is available atm) and see if I can tune my guards to detect it somehow. Will let you know here when I succeed and also when I don't.
  2. Hi. You misunderstand what I am asking. Sure, the attackmode script with the preconfigured HWID is created before we connect the bunny. What I am asking is: will this overcome whitelisting restrictions or not? If the stick boots while having a different ID (a generic one) and only after a few seconds (after having booted its mini linux) it changes to the new ID, then it's too late - it would already have been recognized by the whitelisting software (which is what I hope will happen).
  3. Hi. [I don't already own a BB, else I would try this out] I wonder whether BB would be able to run on a whitelisted-devices-only system. I see that BB's hardware ID may be set to to whatever I like. But when is this coming to effect? Is the ID set before I connect the device, or is attackmode only starting after I connect the BB and so the BB will initially connect with a different, non-whitelisted HWID and thus become discoverable? I found a similar thread https://forums.hak5.org/topic/51611-usb-hardware-id/ , but unfortunately Darren didn't answer the follow-up quest
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