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  1. I tried with 2 sdcard (4gb and 8gb) and they become corrupted after beeing formatted by the Nano. Then I bought a new one (32 GB). It was already formatted (vfat) and was recognized directly by the Nano. Thinking of doing well, I formatted it using the Nano's web GUI. !! ERROR !! I got back in the same situation as my 2 previous sdcard. I spent a lot of time trying to recover a valid partition table with fdisk, gdisk and gparted. Finally I formatted the card in ext4 with my Linux computer (only one partition, without swap). Now it works. The quick response is: DO
  2. same issue in 2021 with firmware 2021 see this thread
  3. just bought Nano this week. I updated to firmware 2.7 I have the same issue than McVillano : the sdcard is unstable and not usable "ls -ld /dev/sd*" will show "/dev/sda" then 10 seconds later "/dev/sdb" then 10 seconds later "/dev/sdc" or "/dev/sda" again ... "dmesg" reveals some errors on sd* is there a solution ? Or do i have to request a refund ?
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