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  1. So sad to read all these replies (and the ones in other posts).. arrived yesterday and experiencing same and other bugs too, extremely disappointing as I was really looking up to it. I understand there are challenges with brand new devices (especially this kind), but the saddest thing of all is the poor response of their support team, I hope my initial feelings are wrong and this will just turn out in a simple rant, but it feels like they don't care at all... bah..
  2. Same problem, I believe it's going to be a known bug soon and they'll get to fix it as more and more people are experiencing it.
  3. Hi @A1A, I am new as well and just wanted to say I'm experiencing the same issue. I filter correctly the SSID I want to focus on, as well as the MAC of one of my phones correctly connected to that allowed spoofed SSID. This appears in the SSID pool but if I go to clients my phone is not there, nothing is there. I even allowed only that SSID and removed the filter for MAC so it should consider all devices connected to my network, but nothing at all.. I wonder whether we are doing something wrong or our devices are actually "faulty" somehow?? I've read every guide to triple check I'm
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