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  1. Firmware: 1.0.1 (seems there is no option to edit previous post)
  2. Just received the Mk-VII and same issue - not able to connect device to WiFi network via web UI . Test machine: macOS 10.14.6 Mojave Test machine connected to: Pineapple Management Access Point Attempting to connect Pineapple to: Google Nest WiFi mesh network with 1 router + 1 node On click "Connect": POST payload: { "ssid":"NETWORK_NAME_REDACTED", "bssid":"F0:72:EA:31:97:XX", "password":"NETWORK_PASS_REDACTED", "encryption":"mixed WPA2/WPA3 PSK/SAE (CCMP)", "hidden":false, "interface":"wlan2" } Error message in browser console: 500 Internal server error Note: in the POST request I can see the correct ssid and pwd being sent to Pineapple Response payload: {"error":"connection failed"}
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