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  1. Vielleicht findet sich ja irgendwann Mal nen freier Entwickler oder ein Team die das mitbekommen und der sich das ganze annimmt, es entweder softwaretechnisch massenkompatibel werden lässt oder wirklich so viel Bock drauf hat das er dieses ganze Modulzeugs vernünftig zur Anwendung ausprogrammiert, was aber glaube ich keiner mehr einsehen wird, des Unternehmens zur liebe. Es bleibt weiter nur; Beeten und hoffen auf bessere Tage. Trotz allem weiter allen ein Happy Hacking 😉 Perhaps at some point there will be a freelance developer or a team who will notice this and who will take care of the whole thing, either make it mass-compatible in terms of software, or really feel like programming all this modular stuff sensibly for use, but I don't believe that will see more, the company's love. It just remains; Plant and hope for better days. In spite of everything, a happy hacking to everyone;)
  2. I wonder when it will come that the company contains HAK5 / becomes embarrassing. with support this forum has absolutely nothing more closed. without the support suggested to us, to be honest, i hadn't considered buying the item. it's a shame that you get so little to offer for so much money (absolutely not restrained). was this "oh so small company" with the corporate giants, whether Apple, Microsoft or Hak5, with each of the employees who marketed for the brand under the market and for the last hardware too much money for too little hardware. i'm really horrified
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