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  1. It seems they are just ignoring us. Very disappointing.
  2. david62, Any ideas? The thing is unusable
  3. YES please. This needs to be addressed. Thank you.
  4. This is exactly what I am experiencing. The unit is useless in this state. Please let me know what can be done.
  5. please do something! this product is not working properly!
  6. I'm connected via 802.11, but the same result with USB.
  7. Darren, Thanks for writing me back. I'll try and get you debug log, but the contents of ssid pool does not matter. It can be even one ssid. As soon as broardcast ssid is checked it for all purposes halts forwarding of connected clients. It seems to work OK, not great without broadcasting enabled. As for time. I can connect with a AP (have internet connection) and sync with browser and the time config problem will go away only to return about 10 mins later. The device seems very very buggy! thanxs
  8. also when 'broadcast ssid pool' is checked it really slows things down
  9. Same problem guys...THIS must be fixed. It's unusable currently.
  10. What about the problems with client speed slowdown etc. This thing is not working properly
  11. I just received my new pineapple vII and am having problems. I am getting a a warning about setting time that it is misconfigured. also when I get a connection the unit is very very slow with forwarding packets? I have tried ALL the software versions any ideas guys?
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