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  1. @Digital Gangster hi there fellow DG member, thx for the reply! i ultimately decided against it, i can do everything i need to with a Raspberry Pi and Kali for the most part ps. DG4L
  2. Hmm, well that is good to hear that you aren't having any issues with the Tetra! I was pretty crushed when I had to make the decision to not purchase the Tetra, although, I'm actually glad it happened the way it did because I would have purchased one just weeks before they announced the Mark VII model and then I would have been pissed lol And it's not necessarily that I don't have the stomach or want to work through the issues, I don't mind doing the work as long as I know that I am working towards a goal that is actually feasible. However, I just simply don't have the time to spin my wheels all day only to end up frustrated and pissed off With all that being said, I don't know how much longer I can resist just going ahead and ordering one... I almost feel like I made this thread so someone would talk me into ordering it -- so that's what I will just go ahead and do :)
  3. i don't currently have a WiFi Pineapple device, had a Mark V device but sold it a while back and was looking to purchase a Tetra but i guess i lucked out since the Mark VII came out right before i bought one my only concern and the reason i hesitated on purchasing a Tetra for so long is because of all the posts here on the forum of people have problems with their Nano/Tetra that made the device unusable -- and now i feel as if i am seeing a repeating pattern with all of the issues regarding the new Mark VII i'm hoping that these issues are just your typical launch bugs as with most tech products and that they will get straightened out fairly quickly because i'm really excited to use this device
  4. What method are they shipping? USPS, UPS or Fedex? I have ordered several packages over the past couple of weeks - many of them from Amazon and shipped via USPS -- and my packages were delayed by up to 2 weeks. At one point Amazon lost track of my packages and said they don't know what happened to them and they just refunded me for them. The packages did eventually show up though... As for my UPS packages, they were only delayed by a day or two, if any time at all. I feel like 3+ weeks for your package is pushing it though unless they ended up actually getting lost.
  5. I was present during the YouTube launch a couple of weeks ago and almost purchased right after the launch ended because I am SUPER pumped for this new product, but decided to hold off for a minute and see how everything goes the first couple of weeks. I decided to swing by the forums this morning and see how everything was going and have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see so many threads about users having problems... so my question to you all is: would you recommend that I go ahead and purchase or do you think I should wait a little longer before deciding whether or not to purchase?
  6. It says the shipping estimate is 10 days, so I'd assume in about 10 days or so
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