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  1. Hi, I want learn electronics and I'm interested FPV equipment too, so I'm going to get a Hackrf one as it cover the range of FPV video transmission 5.8Ghz in my case. I wan't to test FPV antennas SWR and check the hobby bands , 868mhz,2.4ghz and 5.8ghz as the GPS one (no idea which). To mesure SWR I need a 5.8Ghz transmission,I can use the fpv vtx, noise and signal generator at 6ghz (I got one) but I read hackrf receives and transmits at 6ghz,ideal for me, but how can do it if the Maxim Transceiver is rated at 2.7Ghz? Im sure Im miss understanding all this. Sorry if my question is not very precise. Just make note I want check that bands spectrum and test SWR of its antennas. At the moment I got: Narda directional coupler 16db 2-8.6ghz Chinese 8ghz power meter 2x Chinese Signal generator 6ghz with sweep and frecuency modes 2w 6ghz dummy load 2w 6ghz 30db attenuator I think I got the right hardware, even if the Hackrf cannot do SRW, I think I can do it in two different ways with my equipment, but I would like can do it with the Hackrf or signal generator>directional coupler>hackrf Thanks again
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