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  1. Thanks for your support. I have ordered a Bash Bunny, I think this device should match my criterias for the beginning.
  2. I was thinking about to get both, but when i can use the key-croc for keystroke injection like a rubber-ducky (or bash bunny) - without a plugged in Keyboard, i will buy the key-croc. I would love to use the Keylogger features and payloads, but the most time im facing some Laptops in my workplace, so there is not often the possibility / need to plug in a keyboard. Thanks for your reply!
  3. Hey Dudes, at the Moment im struggelging to buy a bash bunny OR a key croc. I understand, that the Key - Croc perform key-logging and execute payloads when keyboard inputs macht against the script. But will the key croc work without an Keyboard ? Can i perform the execution of scripts without an Keyboard (like bash bunny or rubber ducky)? It would be great to use the key-logging features, but i need a device wich works without a connected keyboard too... i cant find any hint in the documentation. Thanks in advantage Dom
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