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  1. Hello, I have similar issue. i have send that in a previous post. TCPDUMP lost packets by Kernel. grtz
  2. Hello Bob123, Thank you for your reply. I will try to explain it. if you would like i could make a video screen next time. i did the following. I have connected my computer to the Ethernet IN of the PS and Ethernet OUT to my router. I putted the PS in army mode. I opened SSH and typed tcpdump -i eth0 -s 65535 -w /mnt/loot/tcpdump/traces.pcap in the terminal window. I started downloaded a file that is 700mb big. Offcourse i didn't actually downloaded the whole file. i interrupted it at approximately 50MB. When i look at my loot folder, i see that my tra
  3. Hello, I'm new to PS. when testing the TCPdump function, i see that not all packets are captured by PS. I ran the TCPDump in armed mode and after a minute i stopped the process, i see a lot of packets are dropped by the kernel. I did the same in bridged mode with the same result. anybody an idea how i can collect all the packets? Maybe a better method? or is PS to lightweight to capture all packets? thanks in advanced, Peter
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