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  1. I apologize, I'm feeling frantic because I don't want my security to be compromised. I downloaded it's latest firmware for the Nano, plugged the Nano into my ethernet connected desktop and waited for it to upgrade. Logging in is where the problems began as the internet began to slow down to the point where the tutorial video I was watching wouldn't load. That's when I went onto my desktop to see that my taskbar began to freeze, and then my desktop. Once my computer became completely unresponsive, I turned it off and disconnected the Nano. Now, having restarted my computer, the problems persist sporadically. I'd be using the internet and it would just slow down, and then, the freezing would begin again. To reiterate, this didn't happen with this computer before I used the nano. And it came in the standard WiFi pineapple box. There was nothing concealing the box and there was nothing covering the Nano. Thank you for responding, and please do answer my question as to whether it is possible that my Nano had been preloaded with some kind of malware.
  2. I apologize for the stupidity of this question, but I feel far too paranoid to just let this go. Just now I received my WiFi pineapple from Amazon, and as I was setting it up, it began to slow my internet down dramatically. After which my computer completely froze (it's a new computer and I have never seen it stutter like this). Please tell me if it is at all possible that my pineapple had been tampered with before it got here. I bought it from the most reputable seller on Amazon. Thank you.
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