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  1. A bunch of disorganized boastful posts? Kinda harsh don’t yah think? what exactly was I boasting of? Feel free to email me, and I am happy to provide details. I wouldn’t want anyone completing work on an illegal/unethical basis.
  2. Wohhh!! Yes I do own the machines. You’d like me to prove it? I’m happy to do so...
  3. What do you mean? I don’t own any system no..? I’m a business guy own a couple businesses in town. Nothing to do with any of this, no. sorry hopefully I understood that correctly
  4. Guys - been looking to do some fairly straight forward things, for business purposes, for some time now. Spent tons of money hiring guys, and have every single project known to man. Malduinos to omg cable to everything under sun. To no avail. need to be able to place a usb drive into any computer (pw or not, anti virus or not) and, with a little bit of effort, load something that, at bare min, would allow me leylogger which I can view at anytime in future, from anywhere. At best, I have full remote abilities and control, but of course discretely (no this ain’t illegal). second thing would be identical (keylogger at min, and full remote admin tool at best) but into a cell phone.
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