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  1. Void-Byte Thank you for your help. I was going through the forum and I came across you video for installation of C2. IT worked...thanks a bunch and thank you for responding.
  2. I think so. I followed Darren's instruction video on setting it up. I did everything he said and it worked perfectly. I checked on it 20min later and it won't answer on port 8080. Nothing I did do was check to see whats listening when I finished and 5 ports with listen on them. When it stopped working it was only 3. Port 8080 and 2022 seamed to stop all of a sudden. I hope I gave you enough info to be able to help. Im new at this. Thanks for answering.
  3. Is anyone having a problem with Amazon lightsail? the install worked fine for 10 min, Its like the C2 software stopped listening on port 8080. I followed the instructions step by step. I don't understand why it stop responding on port 8080. Thanks
  4. Hello there, I'm followed the steps perfectly and I was up and running. For some reason (im new at this) my CloudC2 Server stop listening. I'm using Lightsail and I can still connect to it with no problem. What shoud I do? Thanks,
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