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  1. Although I have noticed that EvilPortal has those lines already in the function, for me it's not behaving as described. My experience is that I can still get to HTTPS pages without redirecting and without failing.
  2. With this, I take it we can add a rule to add an exception for authenticated IP addresses too? So it gives the real experience of gaining access to the internet after authentication?
  3. I have the same issue with unreliable use of SD card in Pineapple Nano, I've had the Pineapple Nano for 7 years with same SD card and never hit one issue until I updated the firmware yesterday to 2.7.0. I've gone through all the tips and tricks online with no success to keep it working for a long period of time. I'm guessing a bug in the latest firmware, hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. So although I have now got an SD card recognised and working even after rebooting the device, it randomly disappears and reappears which is making it impossible to save anything to it or use any of the modules saved to it. Other people seem to have reported this same issue, again, is there a bug that needs fixing for SD cards?
  5. I'm seeing the same issues with using an SD card since upgrading to 2.7.0. I've had my Wifi Pineapple Nano for about 6-7 years and although I've never upgraded the firmware, I've also never had an issue with it working and the modules on the SD card. As soon as I upgraded, it has become impossible to install anything to the SD card and I have tried several SD cards now and all the tips on this forum, nothing seems to work. I get lots of block errors now in dmesg for sda but regardless of how many different SD cards I use. Again, I've been using the one in it for years without issue. Is there actually a bug in this firmware using SD cards?
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