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  1. Yes the setup is complete I can run scans and get results it won't connect to the internet it. But after I put in the credentials to log into my login to my WiFi it just won't connect my pineapple Nano and Tetra connect just fine but the mark7 just won't
  2. I have pushed reset button and held it for 7 seconds several times. Held it for 30 seconds. It will not reset.
  3. I just checked tracking USPS had my mark7 for 8 days after the received it. And usually it only takes 3 days.
  4. With wildfires and flooding. Everything is delayed. I have ordered several from Hak5 usually takes about 6 to 8 days. Just got the mark7 today. Well past 8 days. USPS had it for about! Days. And don't forget about the virus. It has slowed everything down. I am looking forward to the mark7 Enterprise don't think it will ship this year.
  5. How to connect mark7 wifi. I need step by step instructions. I have completed setup using windows 10.
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