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  1. Thanks for the help and advice. Really appreciate it.
  2. I'm obviously new to all this and the gear Hak5 sells. I've always been intrigued by tech stuff. I mean, I can't even write code. I understand the concept but it never clicked. And of course I know thats the first thing I need to learn before doing any of this or trying to mess with the gear. To tell you the truth, I don't quite understand some of the gear does. But I would love to learn just hacking over Wi-Fi. Getting passwords and packets and things like that. Or even controlling other people's screens. Seems like the simplest place to start. I thought the things Hak5 sells would make easier. But thanks for the help.
  3. So a friend and I are planning on learning some pen testing stuff and we figured trying to do something simple like getting in to one another's Wi-Fi and use use the internet like it was our own. Now, I've watched some vids on Hak5 for the Nano and looks pretty easy. Specifically the:Capturing WPA handshakes with the Wi-Fi Aineapple vid. Am I right in assuming once you've captured the info and downloaded it. You're good to go? Any help for a newby would be appreciated.
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