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  1. Alright, i missed that i could generate a report every hour and store it root...This will help me collect the data but it won't add them so i guess adding them manually by copy pasting from the report to an existing ssid pool file under /etc/pineapple/ could work?
  2. Hi all, How would i go-about to log and add 'Unassociated Client's' probe requests together with MAC's automatically to the pineapple pool? I'm well aware that it is possible by manually adding the probe request 'one by one' from the recon or logging branch, but could i add them all in a simple way somehow? Maybe by creating a module that collects the data from the pineap log could work. TY in advance
  3. Nice one!! I have not been doing much multicore task's more then trying out some examples switching between the 2 microprocessors: core 0 and core 1. What kind of WiFi issues did you encounter? As you mentioned earlier on you got recommended to only use 1 core, is there not a possibility to set the task to run on core 0 in such case or is the multitasking needed? (This is way over my knowledge so correct me) You got a very clever project going on 🙂
  4. Sounds like you got a complex project going, might i ask you why you use the esp8266 and not the 32? (though with my library mess in mind i might just be best not saying a thing ) 🙂 I will keep you posted, guess it will take at least 2-3 weeks to get them, btw remember that if you buy one of those modules there are 2 versions. Keep an eye on https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/LilyGO-T-SIM7000G/issues/1
  5. Yeah, this is great place to share thoughts, ideas and give each-other a kick in the bum 🙂 Regarding arduinpcap and handshakes with esp8266 vs esp32 watch (spacehuhn's quick explanation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hs6x1tMzf4 space The Pi zero W is a wonderful toy but attaching a 3-4g dongle and a powercore. Hmm, doable but im way to lazy xD And yep, ESP's are fun as heck 🙂
  6. Hi PanicAcid, ty for the input. Yes, i am fully aware that the module (dev board) is a esp32 micro controller programmable via the Arduino IDE. And i would agree that using a (pineapple tetra or nano)/ Pi 3/4/Zero w with an external WLAN adapter such as Alfa AWUS036ACH and/or AWUS1900 together with an external powercore and a gps dongle would do the job very effectively. But as much as that is fully possible the full size package would be heavier and bigger then TTGO T-SIM7000G ESP32. Workaround for WPA/WPA2 handshakes could be capturing the 4-way handshake with the EAPOL messages? -> Capturing and storing EAPOL & PMKID packets in the sd card should be possible using the esp32? https://github.com/spacehuhn/PacketMonitor32 and/or https://github.com/spacehuhn/ArduinoPcap Converting the pcap files to hccapx to be used in hashcat should work? Anyway ty for the thoughts/input, was not gonna use it for capturing handshakes but that would be a great addition. Reboots/crashes - well ya name it... on micro controllers, ikr, pain in da-but but everyone gets the same love =) Please correct me where ever i might need it xD
  7. Alrighty, buying one just to see if i will be able to mainly capture ble/wifi traffic and send it to a c&c through lte. I guess a side-project could be to connect the solar panel and recharge the battery.
  8. LILYGO® TTGO T-SIM7000G ESP32 Wireless Communication Module https://www.banggood.com/LILYGO-TTGO-T-SIM7000G-ESP32-Wireless-Communication-Module-Small-Card-Development-Board-p-1652592.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN#jsReviewsWrap http://www.lilygo.cn/ Hi all, i have been looking at this device to combine a small rig that i can leave at a location for wifi/ble recon or for other purposes. What i really like with this module is the combination of options such as saving the .pcap file to a SD card, the availability to connect to the device from the cellular network and of-course the esp32 with wifi and ble capabilities. I have not yet bought any modules and i am looking for advice. Though it would be interesting to hear if anyone tried giving the module a test-run? Sum, Is the module worth it? Edit: The SIM7000G is just a 2G compatible chip though - so scratching the "lte".
  9. This might give you some input, they mention some of the bugs in the 2020.1a and 2020.1b releases and different installation paths since users have had issues. https://www.kalilinux.in/2020/05/kali-linux-2020-update.html
  10. Hello I guess you are looking for a Lidar function that work similar to an echo bouncing back to you. Read more on Lidar at various places but here is one to start with: http://lidarradar.com/ I'm not sure if this is possible or even intended to work with a Hackrf One but i am not saying that there ain't a way. For some tutorials on getting started with SDR i would recommend you to have a look at the lessons at: https://greatscottgadgets.com/sdr/ Hope this get you started.
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