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  1. Again showing off who is the newbie here facepalm. not only the wrong IP but also forgetting the port. Thanks though everything seems to be up again! Now i just gotta update to 2.7.0 😛
  2. Thanks for the help. I was 100% sure i used the right image... guess i need to take more time to use my brain next time :P. But now i have encountered another problem. The Blue LED comes on and stays solid meaning its fully booted. I followed the instructions and put it back to with netmask Now its telling me the device refused the correction, maybe its something simple but i cant figure it out. Sorry for the late response past weeks have been crazy.
  3. I was thinking of that too but i got mine quite a bit ago so i dont think its still under warranty. And i would like to be able to fix it and learn and understand something so i can fix it if it happens in the future.
  4. So I did a firmware recovery since my pineapple stopped working. Everything so far went fine, solid orange LED. But now i have arrived on the ''Firmware Update'' page. I put the recovery image in here and updated. The page says it might take upto several minutes to update. But the problem is after i start the update it doesnt do anything, it just keep on the screen and nothing changes. If i power down the pineapple (did did after more than an jour of the TETRA doing nothing) and power it back on again it just goes back to the update screen. Does anyone have any tips or maybe the same
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