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  1. IE allows em to donload the file as AP.JSON and when i open that in a text editor it reads... Invalid Download token. Does this actually work?
  2. so if i try to download a capture in Chrome (had been using firefox previously) i get an Invalid Download Token message. Will try in IE and see what happens. Anyone have any ideas? Seems a bit pointless to have a feature that does not work.
  3. So no one else is experiencing this? Any suggestions on how i might be able to access the captured handshake another way? Any ideas where the captured handshake might be saved on the nano so i can at least try browsing to it? any help is greatly appreciated thank you
  4. SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data when trying to download a captured handshake i get the above error in the browser the address bar reads is this an issue with the nano ( i had to roll back fromthe latest firmware release as it was unstable with the SD card, so on 2.6.2) thank you
  5. i am having the same issue, since upgrading the firmware the SD card is vanishing, ended up formatting and reinstalling some modules but after about 30 minutes it had vanished again, tried a couple of other sd cards, and a brand new one, all behaving the same way. after a reboot of the nano it seems okay then things start misbehaving
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