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  1. ok i've managed to get this far: im running OS catalina so i know im not linux 32 or 64 windows 32/64 whatever is "linux armv1-5"? - (figured im not that either) & Darwin is the only one that opens in terminal when clicked on so then i typed sudo ./c2_community-darwin-64 -hostname "my public ip" and received [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 [*] Initial setup detected. Setup token: "token redacted" [*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2 but now what? and is Darwin acceptable for Catalina? thank you kindly.
  2. apologies if i'm in the wrong thread, - im new here & can't find any instance for a c2 step by step install on Mac's catalina. i see a detailed guide for a ubuntu install, but not sure if that cross-pollenates to mac OS Catalina im slow but i'm learning please advise.
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