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  1. I am trying to use NMap with Google Safe Browsing API to check if a host is malicious or not. I used VirusTotal API for the same purpose and it returned appropriate results but the Google API did not. I am using Kali Linux on VM Ware Player. The commands I have typed are:- 1)nmap -p80 --script http-google-malware <target> 2)nmap $nmap -p80 --script http-google-malware --script-args http-google-malware.api=<API> <target> To use VirusTotal API, I used the command - nmap -sV --script=http-malware-host <target> and it worked. I am expecting an output like given below:- 80/tcp open http |_http-google-malware.nse: Host is known for distributing malware Please help me out.
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