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  1. I cant get DNSspoof to start. It installed after some attempts, but pressing the "start" button, makes it go to "starting" and then back to "start". Trying on wlan0 where i have a test phone connected through the open SSID I get this error **EDIT Okay i tried on the br-lan, because i could see that was the only interface with an ip-adress which makes sense. Now it looks like this: So it intercepts the request, but never manages to redirect it to the landing page. Why could this be?
  2. I have added this to the /etc/config/wireless. The pineapple doesnt broadcast the ssid however. The other ifaces using wlan1 are disabled i tried doing iwconfig wlan1 down and up, to restart it, but it still doesnt broadcast it
  3. I am trying to share my internet connection to the pineapple through the USB cable. I did this But after doing it i lose connection to the pineapple for some reason. Unsharing my internet with it, allows me to acces the pineapple on the ip adress again. ***EDIT I forgot to assign a correct static ip address...
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