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  1. hmmm... then maybe I've came to the wrong conclusion about the ip address being the issue. Well, in any event, I plug in the turtle and the target pc has no network connection whatsoever! scenario: the ethernet cable is plugged in directly to the target pc and the pc is working fine and getting a network connection. I then plug the turtle between the ethernet cable and an available usb port on the pc. The pc doesn't get a network connection. What can I do here? I've tried multiple usb ports and I know they are all to be working because I've tried different usb devices on them.
  2. I think I am referring to the usb side. Suppose the target pc I want to connect the lan turtle to has a static ip address of: and I cannot change it (it's administered by someone else). How do I configure the turtle to assign it that specific address? By default, the turtle will give an address in the 172.16.84.x range. How do I statically assign to a host I plug it into?
  3. It's mentioned in a few places that the turtle can be configured to assign a static ip address to a host computer it's connected to. From "Connecting for the first time": How do I do this? The target computer I'm connecting to has a static ip address and I'm not able to configure it to get a random one from dhcp. I'm having trouble using the configuration menu. Anytime I try to enter the DHCP settings, putty crashes and I get: Network error: Software caused connection abort. As for the Static menu, is that for giving the host computer a static ip or is that for
  4. Are there any modules or tutorials on how to use the Lan Turtle SD to capture packets and store them on the SD card? I was at least expecting to find a module using tcpdump or something like that, but don't see any. The product page does say, "Quickly gather pcap (packet captures) files (SD model)" and "CAPTURE PACKETS FOR DAYS Gobble up all of the interesting data with support for massive Micro SD cards on the LAN Turtle SD." I suppose I could write my own service using tcpdump, but I was hoping there was already a module for that.
  5. I'm browsing the Google Play store and can't seem to find this companion app. Is the name of Plunder Bug? The only app that comes up from hak5 is Wifi Pinapple????? Where is the app????
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