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  1. Yes @Idk_Man I did perform the Firmware-Recovery procedure the way you describe using the Firmware Recovery Image - https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery . I'm glad you managed to duplicate the issue. I'll try to use your solution and report back. Thank you for figuring it out!
  2. Charbot said it all. It generally works. Modules like SSLSplit have some quirks so they need to be polished more. Generally most of the MITM modules there works.
  3. Thank you for your answer. First I want to clear a slight misunderstanding. The device does not reset while running, it resets to "setup" after switching it off (with ssh to it and doing halt to properly umount the sd card) and back on again. When it stars again I need to perform the whole initial setup procedure again. To answer your questions: - I'm downloading the modules only to sd card as I found it rather useful when the device resets itself to defaults, the modules on sd card remain - I was using 2A power during the flashing process; I was unaware that during run you need to still connected to 2A source. I power it via usb y-cable that was shipped with the nano device. From the videos I never saw the nano device connected to external power. - Yes, I'm running the latest, greatest 2.6.2 - The reset button looks firmly in place and works everytime after reset/reboot (user is required to press it during the setup), so that should not be an issue - Yes, I did try that out when I bricked the device when I tried to update to newest nginx. I did full factory reset with proper BIOS. - Well the device runs for hours without a glitch only with combination tmux and hcxdumptool I have experienced freezing. After issuing a halt command the device resets itself and I need perform the initial setup again. The list of modules (all of the on SD card):
  4. I wondered if others have same issues with Nano. I've added multiple modules to the nano with firmware 2.6.2 (excluded those clearly not compatible). It resets quite often. Is there a way to debug it? Is it known that with many modules it is unstable?
  5. As for MITM attack those are way more difficult than they used to be. Everything went https and you have to adjust for that and that is not so easy. You need to give a fake certificate or complete fake page, etc. Nano is just a tool, you need to figure out what is the best scenario for you.
  6. Depends on your use-case. I find nano rather useful, the only issue I'm currently facing is the device stability and older applications and modules compatibility with the firmware 2.6.x
  7. Hi Reaper, I would love to help you figure out what is going on with the module. The question is what is really going on. Could you to strace? I have found out that executing: hcxdumptool within tmux resets the whole device. The whole device is rather unstable.
  8. Is it preferred to have the core packages like libopenssl, etc that are installed within the internal memory to keep it there? Is it wise to try to place them on the sd card when upgrading them? Thank you
  9. I tend to use always the latest packages, but with NANO I'm thinking if it is wise to upgrade to the latest packages with opkg. The current list of upgradable packages I understand that upgrading some minor packages like wget poses minimal risk bricking the device. If you take some core packages like nginx, libopenssl or firewall, etc. I can image this creating some issues that were not tested when the new firmware (2.6.2) was released. What is considered the best practice?
  10. Thank you for your hard work. In your guide you are mixing installing it to internal memory with SD card: 1) Installing it internally you need to have the the link creating the other way around(and the `-s` option should be without the space): ln [OPTIONS] TARGET... LINK|DIR ln -s /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG /sd/modules/SSLsplitNG 2) If you are installing it on sd card then you ln command is correct but then you need different mkdir & cp destination mkdir /sd/modules/SSLsplitNG cp -r * /sd/modules/SSLsplitNG I have also found out that cloning the repository and copying it with the .git directory to the main /pineapple/modules causes the nano to reset to factory settings. I did not dig deeper into this issue but, was kind of surprised that this happened.
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