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  1. Ok thanks for clarifying. It seems like the tactical is a little bland this time. I liked the nano tactical because it had a cool attachment and holder. this times it seems like its just a bag. probably getting the normal one.
  2. Im trying to figure out if I should get the normal or the tactical and I cant figure out what those usb-c essentials are. Any know?
  3. Can you clarify what isnt working for you? I'm not doubting that you are having problems, its just that many people are in fact saying that things have mostly been working with 2.7.
  4. well i havent seen saying telling me that its a terrible product and that they thew it in the trash because it didnt work as advertised. simply by comparing current posts on the tetra and nano forums. https://imgur.com/5Yj3upH lots of people seem very unhappy with the tetra. havent seen much like that about the nano. In fact on the most recent firmware update for the nano people were saying that it was quite good and all the modules were working.
  5. I have wanted to get pineapple for a while now, however I would prefer getting the tactical version. While originally wanting to get a tetra, i have seen tons of complaints about it and they don't seem to be stopping. However, it seems like the Nano is more stable and therefore now want to get the nano. I've got several questions: 1) Is it worth buying a pineapple when there are other options like FruityWifi available? does the pineapple have more functions etc.? 2) How stable is the Nano in doing its job? (do all the modules work) 3) when will the tactical versions be back in stock? (mainly a question to @Darren Kitchen if he sees this) Thank you
  6. I have been checking the hak5 shop for the past month and have always seen the same things out of stock. The pineapples are all out of stock except the non-tactical nano. I want to get a tetra for the 5GHz option. Is this only happening for me (im in canada ontario) because I have seen post about new tetras and things like that. everything is in stock on amazon, but the prices are a lot higher than on hak5. Any info would help!
  7. I was wondering if this it is still available for purchase as it does not seem to be there anymore.
  8. ok so i feel really stupid. My bash bunny works fine with most payloads, however i ran into several problems. When i first tried to install new firmware the updater app just didnt do anything and i forgot to eject it once so it created a dirty bit too. so i decided to factory reset it and also ran reformat udisk in the ssh terminal. This seemed to fix the firmware problem and i have now updated to 1.6. however when i try to install tools by putting .deb files into the tools folder, ejecting and reconnecting, the tools folder is now empty. I was not sure if this was normal or not because i thought the files might be somewhere else. but they dont seem to because the tools folder in the udisk is definitely empty (i managed to make it not be empty by running mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk and then i check the tools folder and it is empty). one of the tools i tried to install was responder and i tried running responder by just typing in the word in the command line and it said : -bash: responder: command not found . I have run out of options and dont know any other way to install tools.
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