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  1. Hello all, I am looking into buying some more Hak5 Gear and in my list of products is the Lan Turtle. Unfortunately it looks like Lan Turtle 3G model is not an option anymore in the Hak5 Shop. Do you guys know if this has been discontinued or is there a major upgrade coming up that is worth waiting for?? Maybe Lan Turtle Wifi??? Looking forward to your answers before proceeding with my buy. Thanks and regards, CloudCY
  2. Dear bunnylover, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately when I press the Windows key and type cmd (or any other command for that matter) nothing is being found. It looks like the user is pretty locked down. I was able to launch cmd.exe through an app (through the Open File option) that was running on the victim machine, but I can a message saying that The command prompt has been disabled by the administrator. So it looks like there is no winning this assignment then.... (Not through physical means anyway...) Any ideas you guys could provide, I would be more than happy to test them out. Regards, CloudCY
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. If the machine is logged in with another user (that is not locked down) the payload can be executed fine; but by default the machine auto logs in with the locked down user. I was able to get a Meterpreter session from a remote machine and execute the payload through the execute command of the session using the psexec_psh payload. Would it be possible to do something similar with the BB then?
  4. Hello all, This is my first ever post to the forum, but I hope it will prove to be more than helpful! Right, on to the point: I am currently working on an assignment where the target machine (Windows 7) is logged in with a user that is very limited. I cannot even call the Run Command dialog. Win+R keyboard combination is from an actual keyboard is not working either. The Windows Menu is empty and any commands typed in the lower part of the "Type to search.." bar do not execute. As a result GUI r and RUN WIN commands are a no go. Is there any other way to execute a payload/application that is stored on my $SWITCH_POSITION folder if I can not invoke the Run Command dialog? Regards, CloudCY
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