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  1. Sorry for the delay. Been a busy start to the new year. Here's a recording of what I see. Also poked around some 2.4GHz WiFi channels, including my own, to show that the device is actually working properly. https://youtu.be/X7C1U3LsVC
  2. It actually looks like the lower 2.5 range is a lower harmonic of a 5 GHz signal. Same pattern but more intense!
  3. All the major wireless providers are slowing putting up 5G towers around my area and ever since a new tower was put up about 300 meters from my house I've been getting headaches and ringing in my ears. I've noticed this when I'm near any of the new low towers that have gone up. While scanning around trying to find out what is being sent out from those new towers I stumbled upon a signal that is very active and it seems to be coming from everywhere. I can pick it up on my handheld RF Explorer spectrum analyzer, RTL-SDR and BladeRF 2.0 A9 with various antennas. I've tried using my laptop and des
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